Classmates Joins the OTA's 2017 Honor Roll

Classmates has made it onto the Honor Roll.

We’re proud to announce that the Classmates website has achieved Honor Roll status in the 2017 Online Trust Alliance [OTA] Audit & Honor Roll. The OTA’s audit, now in its ninth year, is the yardstick for consumer privacy and security standards for the world’s top websites and is the only comprehensive, independent online trust benchmark study of its kind.

This year’s audit evaluated approximately 1,000 consumer-facing websites. Websites achieving Honor Roll status scored 80 percent or better overall in three areas: consumer protection, data security, and responsible privacy practices.

“To be recognized by the OTA Honor Roll for excellence in consumer protection, data security and privacy practices is a top accolade,” said Abani Heller, President & CEO of PeopleConnect, Inc., which owns and operates Classmates. “We have a responsibility to embrace the highest level of consumer privacy and value the OTA’s and ISOC’s commitment to help make the internet more trustworthy and resilient.”

The OTA strives to make each year’s audit more stringent than the previous one, and this year was no exception. OTA Founder and President, Craig Spiezle, states “The websites that made the Honor Roll should be proud of their accomplishments because it shows that they value the security and privacy of their customers just as much as profits… These companies should be commended for going beyond the status quo by adapting to the evolving threat landscape, and ensuring their privacy policy is transparent and their customers’ information is respected.”

Classmates is proud to be in such elite company.

About OTA

OTA is an initiative within the Internet Society (ISOC), a global non-profit whose mission is to promote the open development, evolution, and use of the Internet worldwide. OTA works to enhance online trust, user empowerment, and innovation by developing and promoting best practices, responsible privacy practices, and data stewardship. Click here to learn more about OTA and here to learn more about the Internet Society.