More Conversation Starters for Class Reunions

It’s your 30th high school reunion (how is that even possible?!). You grab a beverage and turn around to scan the room. Spotting someone else who is standing alone – and who looks vaguely familiar – you approach him to say hi.

After exchanging names and initial pleasantries, you are at a momentary loss for words.

Not knowing this person very well (you only remember him being good at math and wearing lots of Led Zeppelin t-shirts), it’s hard to know what to say next. But you’d rather try to keep this conversation going than stand awkwardly by yourself and look for another familiar face.



In a scenario like this, you need a lighthearted icebreaker — something that will encourage further dialogue (without getting too heavy or controversial, especially when you don’t really know what makes the other person tick).

You may have caught our previous article on conversation starters. We decided it was about time to come up with a few more jumping-off points for you:

  • “Is this your first class reunion? It’s different from what I was imagining.”  |  This can propel the conversation along as you compare notes on how you decided to attend and how your expectations compare to reality. (Note: This is also a funny question if it actually is the first time that your class has held a reunion.)
  • “Oh, wow. I haven’t heard this song in so long. Totally brings me back to junior year.”  |  There will most likely be nostalgic music playing in the background, which can open a floodgate of memories from your high school days (some good and some not-so-good). Even if there are no strong memories associated with a specific tune, everyone has opinions on music.
  • “I am starting to regret this pair of shoes.”  |  Deciding what to wear to a reunion is an exercise that, for some, can be filled with anxiety about making the wrong choice. Commiserating over wardrobe decisions (too uncomfortable, too formal, etc.) will almost certainly help both of you to open up a bit.
  • “You know, I still have dreams where I can’t find my locker. I’ve heard some high school kids today don’t even use lockers!”  |  There’s potentially a lot to work with here: deep-seated teen anxieties, high school then and now, your subconscious mind…
  • “It would have been fun to have some of our teachers here. Who would you have invited?”  |  Some of the biggest personalities in high school were undoubtedly some of your instructors, whether it was the biology teacher who loved to juggle or the English teacher who always wore leisure suits. Most people have at least one interesting anecdote to share.
  • “So how far have you ventured from Akron?”  |  You all have a shared geography, but your life’s adventures have taken you in many different directions. Chatting about places in which you’ve lived or vacationed can give people a window into the kind of person you’ve become. And you might pick up some great tips for restaurants or spring break spots!

With any luck, you’ll not only be able to keep the conversation going but just might draw others in. Relax, and have fun!


What other conversation starters have worked well for you?