Why You Should Buy Reunion Tickets Early

Imagine this scenario: You have a class reunion coming up. With over a year to go, members of your high school class are already working on organizing it. You just received your first email a couple of weeks ago, with a request to “Get your tickets now!” One of the organizers has set up an official reunion page on Classmates. And you’re now seeing communications about this upcoming event every few days.

While you are looking forward to catching up with old friends next summer, this seems awfully early. What’s the deal?

We’re glad you asked.

Typically, a reunion is organized by a pretty small group of individuals. While others may step in to help as the date gets closer, in the early stages, it’s often just a few folks trying to nail down a day and location.

Let’s say your graduating class has 327 members. You’ll be needing a pretty large venue for your event, right? Once the reunion-planning committee finds an ideal spot and chooses a date, they’ll need a guarantee that the location will be available on the right day.

And how do they do that? They’ll have to put down a deposit to save the space. (And, usually, the larger and nicer the location, the more money is needed to reserve it.)

The funds collected from reunion tickets go toward paying for things like this (as well as decorations, food, and more). But if most people in your class wait until next summer to buy tickets, that small reunion committee is going to have to float the cost for many months.

And the less money flowing toward the committee, the fewer arrangements they’ll be able to make ahead of time. Which could mean that your reunion might end up being a little more, let’s say, minimal than you were expecting.

But you can help! (You probably know where this is going.)

Just buy your tickets early.

In addition to helping out those enterprising class members who are organizing everything, the funds you provide will go directly toward helping to make your class’s get-together awesome.

And remember that creative and clever reunion planning committees can come up with interesting ways to put the pressure on. We know of one Classmates employee whose class has been sharing embarrassing yearbook photos of different people every day and asking them if they’ll be attending!

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