George Takei

Actor and Activist
Birthdate: Apr 20, 1937
Yearbooks: 1955 | 1956
Yearbook photos of George Takei from Los Angeles High School

George Hosato Takei (born April 20, 1937) is an actor and activist. He graduated from Los Angeles High School, in Los Angeles, CA, in 1956, where he was active in student government and also was a member of the cross country team. Takei began acting a few years after graduating. He started out with small roles in television (including Perry Mason and My Three Sons) and movies before being cast in the role for which he is most famous: Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu in the original Star Trek series. Takei went on to reprise this role in six Star Trek movies and a number of video games but has been able to step away from the character to take on other acting projects. He has also received awards and praise for his human rights activism, particularly his work campaigning for LGBT rights and his contributions to U.S.-Japanese relations. In 2007, an asteroid was named in his honor.


Source: Wikipedia