Lynda Carter

Actress, Singer, Songwriter
Birthdate: Jul 24, 1951
High School: Arcadia High School
Yearbooks: 1966 | 1968 | 1969
Yearbook photos of Lynda Carter from Arcadia High School

Lynda Carter (born Linda Jean Cordova Carter on July 24, 1951) is an actress, singer, and songwriter. She is a 1969 graduate of Arcadia High School, Phoenix, AZ, where she participated in drama and choir. Carter was initially interested in pursuing a career in music. In 1972, she entered a beauty pageant and ended up being crowned Miss World USA, reaching the semifinals in the international Miss World pageant. She began acting professionally soon after, making her debut in a 1974 episode of a police drama called Nakia. In 1975, Carter was cast as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince in the soon-to-be-popular series Wonder Woman (rebooted as The New Adventures of Wonder Woman for seasons 2 and 3). It is this role with which she is still most closely associated. She also co-starred in the television programs Partners in Crime (1984-1985) and Hawkeye (1994-1995) and appeared in Super Troopers (2001), Sky High (2005), and The Dukes of Hazzard (2005). Carter did not abandon her early interest in music. She has recorded three albums of songs as well as writing and recording music for the video game Fallout 4. More recently, she has had a recurring role in the series Supergirl.


Source: Wikipedia