Celebrity Homecoming Royalty

September 29, 2014 · CLASSMATES FUN

As it turns out, plenty of celebs got an early start flashing those pearly whites for the camera. In fact, many of them were crowned Homecoming kings and queens during their years in high school. It’s never too early to start practicing for the spotlight, after all!

Meryl Streep

We’re certainly not surprised that Meryl Streep secured a role as Homecoming Queen in 1967 before launching her career-spanning multiple Oscar wins. This talented actress has always been popular with her fans!

John Belushi

Another member of 1967 Homecoming royalty across the country was John Belushi, who was crowned king in his hometown of Wheaton, Illinois. Just more proof that being funny is a great way to win friends and admirers!


Sissy Spacek

It’s hard to spot Sissy Spacek (under her birth name of Elizabeth) in this Homecoming court photo from Quitman High School in 1968, but that’s her in the back of the car with the heavy fringe. Considering one of her most iconic roles was in Carrie (a story of a prom queen ceremony gone horribly wrong), you may be surprised to learn that Sissy was named a Senior Princess during Homecoming at her alma mater. Now there’s an actress who can really immerse herself in a role!


Paula Abdul

Look anywhere in the Van Nuys High School yearbook of 1980, and you’ll spot a familiar smiling face! Paula Abdul apparently spent high school succeeding in whatever she put her mind to, including an appearance on the Homecoming court.  Not one to rest on her laurels, Paula went on to scoop up a May Day Queen crown, too.

Sheryl Crow

Singer, athlete, actress, and star student Sheryl Crow racked up achievements all throughout high school, just as she’s done in her multi-decade career. One of those achievements was being named Senior Maid in her 1980 Homecoming court at Kennett High School in Missouri. Her happy smile says it all.

Robin Wright

Calling herself a bit of a rebel at that age, Robin Wright admits she was surprised when she learned she’d been named to La Jolla High School’s 1983 Homecoming court. Still, she shook off her initial shock and accepted her new role with grace. Here she is, instantly recognizable with her trademark long locks.

Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford’s modeling career was already off and running by the end of her time at Dekalb High School in 1984. Still, that didn’t stop her from sitting on the National Honor Society and being named to the Homecoming court. Here, she brings some of her New York modeling cred to the schoolyard.

Faith Hill

In 1985, Faith Hill (under her birth name of Faith Perry) strutted her stuff at McLaurin Attendance Center’s Homecoming dance in Florence, Mississippi. That year, America’s Sweetheart was named a Junior Attendant during the ceremony. The next year, she went for an even bigger crown and was named Homecoming Queen.

Renee Zellweger

As a senior at Katy High School in Katy, Texas, Renee Zellweger already had her sights set high. In 1987, the popular blonde with the infectious laugh was nominated to a position on Homecoming court. As she receives her huge bouquet in this photograph, you can almost see the glimmer of Oscar gold in her eye.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson was all smiles as she stood with her father and soaked in the accolades on the football field as a member of her Homecoming court. The blonde beauty with the unforgettable voice attended J.J. Pearce High School in Richardson, Texas, while simultaneously beginning her recording career and gaining celebrity status.

Whether Homecoming means an early step towards stardom or simply a fun-filled evening of pageantry and friendship, it always proves to be a time for forging lifelong memories.

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