Making the Most of Your Reunion Trip Home

August 24, 2016 · CLASSMATES FUN

So you’re headed back home for your high school reunion.

As a student, you may have gone to homecoming dances and spared (almost) no expense for senior prom, but this is different. A reunion – especially a really big milestone – doesn’t come around often, and you want to go all out in ways that simply weren’t within reach as a teenager. We’ve rounded up a few ideas to help you bring the ideal night back home to life.

The 5-Star Hotel

OK, so maybe it’s only 3-star, but it’s still the finest lodging available. You have childhood memories of the lights that would sparkle as you rode by in the family station wagon. And as a teenager you even snuck into the pool on a dare. The building, though, in all of its local notoriety, is otherwise foreign to you. Until now, that is. Your reunion is an excuse to splurge, and we recommend starting with a nice room at the best hotel in town.

Finally Fine Dining

You may not be able to pronounce a single thing on the menu, but that fancy French restaurant on the north end of Main Street has been on your culinary bucket list for years. Yes, you’ve enjoyed some great restaurants in your life, but seeing as you were too young—or, as a twenty-something, too broke—to enjoy fine dining in your hometown, it’s time to take advantage of this opportunity and finally make a dinner reservation. But be quick about it; you’re likely not the only one trying to do so.

Your Own Pumpkin Carriage

You don’t need a fairy godmother in order to show up in style. That’s what rental cars are for. Whether you decide on a candy apple red convertible, a supercharged muscle car, or a sleek luxury sedan, treat yourself to a rental upgrade that’ll steal the show (and won’t turn into fruit at midnight). Your hometown school mates may have forgotten all about the “beater” you drove to class way back when, but an impressive new “carriage” is the perfect way to jog their memories.

Arrive Dressed to Kill

Your party attire is another opportunity to treat yourself to something special. For the ladies, a daring new dress or pair of earrings could be in order. Men may want to consider a fresh shirt and tie combo – or maybe a new set of cufflinks – to go with a favorite suit. Only you can decide what ensemble will make you feel your best, but we do recommend prioritizing confidence over comfort.


We hope these ideas have inspired you, but perhaps you have something more specific in mind. What hometown highlights are you looking forward to? How else are you planning to go big on reunion night?