The Best of Spirit Week

March 12, 2020 · CLASSMATES FUN

Who remembers Spirit Week? That one week in school where you went all out wearing bright colors and costumes, or attending a pep rally before a major sports game?

How Spirit Week came to be is quite interesting. In 1952, Palo Alto High School in Palo Alto, California hosted “Friendship Week” at the beginning of the year to welcome students back to school. However, this eventually formed into a half-week celebration, and in the 1960’s, “Friendship Week” was renamed “Spirit Week”. In the 1980’s, the event became more controversial as students started to vandalize school property, but by the mid-1990’s, things started to settle down and Spirit Week became a full week again. Since then, about 75% of American High Schools celebrate the event.

What were some of your favorite Spirit Week costumes and traditions? Here are some of the most popular ones today.

Decades Day

Students dress in popular attire from another decade. It’s not only fun, but they get to brush up on history too!

Crazy Hair Day

Instead of dreading going to school with a bad hair day, students have fun with it. The crazier, the better!

Pop Culture Day

Students dress like famous celebrities or historical figures to show their love for their favorite icons.

Neon Day

If neon clothing is too bright to wear on a regular school day, then wearing them during spirit week is the perfect opportunity for high school students.

Pajama Day

If students have ever rolled out of bed on a school day and wished they could just stay in PJs, this is their once-a-year chance.

Sports Day

Students wear jerseys to support their favorite sports team but have to be careful not to get too heated when their peers are dressed like their rival teams!

Hawaiian Shirt Day

When they can’t be vacationing on a sunny island, students still dress for the occasion. If they do eventually get to go on a trip, they already have the outfit ready to go.



Which popular ones did we miss? Leave a comment below!