Top Signs That It’s Back-to-School Time

August 11, 2017 · CLASSMATES FUN

Like it or not, summer vacation season is winding down. Whether you’ve got school-age kids or not, you can feel the change in the atmosphere. Carefree, lazy August days are giving way to shopping trips to the mall and anxious (or excited) thoughts about the upcoming school year. Labor Day is right around the corner, and we can see the signs:

There’s no denying it. The days are definitely getting shorter.

Swimsuits are on sale, but the only ones left are either too weird or too daring.

The struggle is real😟😣 #swimsuitclearance #alldayprocess

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You rediscover lunchboxes.

Backpacks are showing up in every store display.

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For some reason, you just feel like buying yourself something new.

In the spirit of back to school….just saying! 💋💄🍎 #lipsenselove #backtoschool #instocklipsense #lipsenseinstock

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School-age kids start looking slightly apprehensive.

Physics #backtoschool #insideout

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But you’d never know it from all the stock photos of happy children.

You find yourself reminiscing with co-workers about Trapper Keepers.

Good times ❤ #80sgirl #trapperkeepers

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What would you add to this list?