Celebrating 30 Years of Beetlejuice

March 29, 2018 · CLASSMATES FUN

Whatever you do, don’t say his name three times in a row!

Of course, we’re talking about Beetlejuice, the popular comedy-fantasy film from 1988. If you have somehow missed this classic, however, we’ll just give you a high-level plot description:

A husband and wife (Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis) learn that they have not survived their recent car accident and are stuck in limbo, haunting their house. Another family moves in and immediately starts making changes – and wreaking havoc. The ghost couple enlists the help of the supernatural Betelgeuse (Michael Keaton as a hilariously obnoxious “bio-exorcist”) to try to scare the intruders away. But the teenage daughter (portrayed by Winona Ryder) discovers and befriends the pair. Many hijinks ensue.

It’s hard to believe that this fan favorite is now 30 years old. In honor of the milestone anniversary (the official date is March 30), we’ve pulled together yearbook pics from the four main stars.

Beetlejuice was one of the very first movies in which Alec Baldwin acted, but his first television appearance was only a few years after his 1976 graduation from Berner High School.

As a student at Wareham High School, Geena Davis participated in drama and choir and was a member of the National Honor Society. Here, she poses for her 1974 senior portrait.

Michael Keaton looks very clean-cut in his 1969 Montour High School senior portrait, especially when compared to his on-screen alter-ego. But there’s still a hint of mischief in his eyes if you really look closely…

Winona Ryder was still a high school student when she portrayed Lydia Deetz, but this freshman portrait from her Petaluma High School yearbook is from 1986 (before filming took place).


Happy 30th anniversary, Beetlejuice! It’s showtime!



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