Class Reunion Dos and Don'ts

March 10, 2017 · CLASSMATES FUN

Have you got a high school reunion scheduled in your calendar? Take a peek at these tips before you attend!

Before you go

  • Please RSVP. Reunion organizers need an attendance count and will appreciate your response.
  • Select an outfit that makes you feel confident and attractive but is also comfortable. And remember that you’ll be doing a lot of standing around. Although your 4-inch heels may look amazing, you might regret that decision after an hour at the meet-and-greet.
  • Like listening to a musician’s new album before you attend his concert, you’ll get more out of your reunion if you spend a little time beforehand paging through your old yearbook and refamiliarizing yourself with some of the names and faces. (Don’t have a copy? Check our yearbook archive. With over 300,000 – and counting – scanned, there’s a good chance that we’ll have yours.)
  • Think about printing some personal business cards containing your contact information, to hand out to people you want to keep in touch with. (Remember that not EVERYONE uses social media.)
  • Connect with a few old buddies beforehand. That way you know you’ll have someone to talk to at the event.
  • Please don’t drag your spouse along if he/she isn’t enthusiastic about being there. Reunions often involve long conversations and inside jokes and can leave outsiders feeling a little bored and sometimes neglected.

At the reunion

  • If it’s been years and years since you’ve seen someone, be considerate and introduce yourself by name when saying hello. You don’t want to put them in the awkward position of trying to remember who you are.
  • Feel free to share a few pictures (or even bring a yearbook). But please restrain yourself from bombarding your old schoolmates with dozens of photos of your adorable children and pets.
  • Don’t hold grudges. Even if someone did something hurtful once, remember that high school was a long time ago. You’ve all changed quite a bit, and odds are pretty good that they’re sorry about whatever they did (if they even remember it).
  • If you choose to drink alcohol, be careful not to overindulge. Most of us have an embarrassing high school story or two, but you don’t want to also have an embarrassing reunion anecdote!
  • Above all, be yourself. Relax and have fun!

Some conversation tips

  • Make an effort to talk to people you didn’t know well in school. You may discover that you have things in common. That quiet girl from 10th grade Spanish class (who also recently got into oil painting and, it turns out, has a great sense of humor) could end up becoming a new friend.
  • Try to avoid tired conversational clichés (“Can you believe it’s been [x] years?” and “You haven’t changed a bit.”). This will bore you and the people you’re talking to. Make an attempt to truly engage with your fellow alums.
  • If you feel compelled to comment on someone’s appearance, just limit it to “You look great!” Saying things like “You look so different” or “You’ve lost a lot of weight” can come across as backhanded compliments.
  • Please don’t be one of those people who feel compelled to brag about everything going on in their lives. It’s only natural to share what you’re proud of, but too much of this gets old very quickly.
  • Stay away from politics. Enough said.
  • Be generous with compliments. People will love to hear how you always thought they were nice or how you never forgot that impressive violin solo in the senior talent show.
  • Be a good listener. You’ll be viewed as a great conversationalist, and you’ll get to learn more about your old schoolmates in the process.


After the event

  • Share any photos you took with your old friends, the friends you just made, and the alumni who couldn’t be there in your Classmates profile.
  • Remember to thank the organizers. Putting a reunion together can be a lot of work!
  • Keep the momentum going, and start planning your next get-together. Who says you have to wait another 5-10 years to see the old gang again?



What other dos and don’ts would you add to this list?