Great Ideas For a Virtual Mother’s Day

May 8, 2020 · CLASSMATES FUN

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and there are still plenty of ways to celebrate the holiday with your family, even if you can’t be together in person this year. Here’s how to spoil mom (or be spoiled) on this special day.

Order Her Favorite Meal Online

You might not be able to take your mom out to brunch, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy a meal together. Most restaurants are delivering food, and they need the business. If you’re sheltering together, then it’s a great way to spend time with each other, but if you have to be apart this weekend, you can send the meal to her house.

Cook a Meal Together

If you’d rather prepare food instead of ordering it, that’s fine too. You can make one of your famous family recipes, either cooking it together in-person or walking through each step over the phone. If you aren’t able to be with each other, be sure to send each other photos of the finished product.

Watch Her Favorite Movie

If you can’t see each other but you both have a movie streaming account, sign in and hit “play” at the same time so that it feels like you’re watching it together. If you need a bathroom or snack break, make sure you both hit pause so that there aren’t any spoilers.

Treat Her to a Spa Day

Even if you can’t go to a spa in person, you can send her or bring over a gift basket with candles, massage oils, lotions, nail polishes, and other bath essentials. Or, get her a gift card for her to use at a later date.

Put Together a Music Playlist

Compile all of your mother’s favorite songs and create a playlist on Spotify or another music streaming service, and then share it with her. You can listen to it from any device, together or separately.

Send Flowers and a Card

It may seem like a typical gift to give, but flowers are starting to bloom now that it’s May and you can’t go wrong with a bouquet that both looks and smells wonderful. It’s always nice to have an accompanying card to show your appreciation for everything she’s done for you. You can bring them to her or send them via a flower service.

Sign Up for a Virtual Activity

Airbnb is hosting online experiences for Mother’s Day, like wine tastings, gardening, collaging, and cheese-making. You can sign up for one together and participate just by using your phone, tablet, or computer, and you can even book a private session.


We hope you all have a happy Mother’s Day. What are your plans for Sunday?