Phrases Your Friends Probably Wrote in Your Yearbook

January 6, 2021 · CLASSMATES FUN

One of the most exciting days of school was the last day, not just because it was finally summer, but because everyone received their yearbook for each other to sign. The pages were filled with common quotes, inside jokes, and acronyms. It’s fun to look back at your high school yearbook and reminisce, but you may not remember what certain acronyms meant. The below list might serve as a reminder, and it also mentions other popular phrases and how to interpret them. Are there other ones you would include?


LYLAS: Love you like a sister (This one was mostly for women, as men didn’t often say “love you like a brother.”)

KIT: Keep in touch (They really do want to know what you’re up to this summer.)

HAGS: Have a good summer (They probably won’t be hanging out with you, and don’t know what else to write.)

2+2=4: (2 cute 2 B 4 gotten) (A subliminal message inside a math equation. It was funny and could be written in anyone’s book, even if they weren’t in your clique.)

Good luck with the boys/girls! (An encouraging remark. They sincerely hope you have “fun” this summer.)

Stay cool! (Pretty straight forward. They like you and think you’re cool)

TTFN: Ta ta for now (A fun acronym, but a little unclear if you’ll see them this summer.)

HAKAS: Have a kick-ass summer (Similar to HAGS but with a swear word thrown in, which makes it funnier.)

(Phone number) Call me! (They want you to call them, otherwise they wouldn’t have given you their number.)

ASS: Always stay sweet (They think you’re a nice person, and it’s a funny acronym because it spells out a swear word.)

RHTS: Raise Hell this Summer (Another encouraging remark, but they probably won’t see you, so they’re wishing you well.)

See you next year! (They won’t be seeing you this summer and will probably only see you in class in the fall.)

Let’s hang out this summer! (They legitimately want to see you.)

Wish we could have gotten to know each other better! (They weren’t in your inner circle but you were friendly with each other.)

Don’t ever change! (They liked you, even if they didn’t have much in common with you.)

I’ll miss you! (Probably written by or for a Senior, because they won’t see you in the fall.)

Had fun with you in ____ class! (They only hung out with you in the class you had together, but they had a lot of inside jokes with you.)

The first to sign your crack! (They thought it was funny to write on the spine between the yearbook pages.)


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