16 Creative Ways to Thank a Teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week

May 7, 2018 · CLASSMATES FUN

We are thankful for them every day of the year, but Teacher Appreciation Week sets aside a special time in the calendar for recognizing and celebrating the educators in our lives. These important individuals do so much: impart information, motivate, instill discipline, provide comfort, keep their charges safe, plan events, inspire, and much more.

By the time the average student graduates from high school, they will have been taught by many different people. And there will have been at least one teacher, probably more, who made a positive difference in their life.

Whether it’s your child’s kindergarten teacher or your beloved 9th grade English teacher, there’s probably at least one instructor in your life who is deserving of some special accolades – and maybe a nice treat. Here are a few ideas that caught our eye:

It’s really true. Nothing is as special as a gift that’s homemade, especially when it’s created by a child.

We could make up some pun about providing illuminating information, but we really just love the comforting glow – and the sentiment — of this charming light.

If you’ve got the resources, go in with a group of parents, and treat your teachers to a special breakfast.

Good morning! Breakfast is served! #teacherappreciationday #EHMS

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Of the many roles that a teacher plays in the course of a day, this might be one of the most important!

A classic gift that’s sure to be used: a pencil holder and the gift card of your choice.

One of the most important things a teacher can do is to teach a child to read.

We’re charmed by this adorable planter, made from wooden rulers. Make sure to include a plant that’s easy to take care of!

We think this handsome sign would be especially appreciated by an art or woodshop teacher.

If you’re a classroom volunteer, get all the kids in the class to fill one of these out, and present them all as a gift. Some of the responses are sure to be priceless.

Another classic way to say thank you, with many options for personalization. Be sure to include a nice vase.

Depending on how well you know the teacher, a whimsical bracelet might be appropriate. We especially like the ruler design.

For anyone with a good sense of humor, a lighthearted print might be appreciated. We think this Darth Vader design is awesome.

This time of year, lots of teachers (and students) are looking ahead to summer. Prepare a gift basket with some vacation-themed items for their well-deserved break.

If you’re wanting to honor a former instructor of your own, don’t overlook one of the best gifts of all: A letter full of thanks and good memories.

What ideas would you add to this list?