Venue Ideas for Your High School Reunion

November 4, 2014 · CLASSMATES FUN

Once every 5 to 10 years, you reunite with all your old high school friends to catch up and rediscover friendships and connections that made your teen years so fun and memorable. You could have your reunion at the school gym or a hometown bar, but why not mix it up a bit? Make your next reunion one of a kind by holding it somewhere truly memorable.

The Beach

Just walking onto the soft sand and feeling the gentle breeze puts your mind at ease. Bring this feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation to your next reunion by holding it at the beach. Exchange old stories, catch up with friends, roll out the barbecue grill, and capture some beautiful photos by the shore. From coastal waters to country lakes, the beach is the perfect relaxing setting for reminiscing.

The Local Barn

Repurposed barns are the perfect event venue. The rustic wooden walls will look gorgeous with simple white twinkle lights and old yearbook photos of teachers and students expanded into posters. You’ll have more than enough space for dinner tables and a podium for speeches filled with nostalgic memories of the good old days. You can always expand the party to include the beautiful land that lies just outside the barn doors for badminton, volleyball, or just a nice walk in the grassy field. A reunion in a barn is as idyllic as it gets!

The Arena

Whether you go during a game or rent the place out for a huge graduating class (plus spouses!), the local arena is a great place to hold a fun and rambunctious reunion party. If you rent the whole place out, your class members will love going on tours of the facility, hanging out on the arena floor, and munching on game-day goodies while chatting with long-time friends. It’s a great spot for getting the whole crew back together for an evening of fond memories.

The Ballpark

A baseball stadium is an awesome place to hold a class reunion, especially if you can swing for a party in the upper decks. Whether you head to a professional park or your local minor league stadium, guests will love chatting with class members while watching the game from the skybox. Whether they’re taking turns rooting on the home team or relaxing with finger food in the bleachers, everyone is bound to have a memorable evening. And the best part will be when the camera spans over your partygoers and welcomes you on the jumbotron! When it comes to fun reunions, you can always “play ball!”

The Old Town Mansion

Nostalgia is oh so elegant in the old town mansion (just about every town has one!). Toast to the chemistry teacher’s famous catchphrases beneath a chandelier, or flip through your class yearbook in the oak paneled library. Have the class president give a speech on the grand staircase, and do a “then and now” group photo on the veranda. Don’t miss a chance to reminisce fairy tale style, including gorgeous gardens to stroll in as you sip your wine and laugh about memories past. What could be more picturesque? Can you picture it?

A Sunset Cruise

Sailing off into the sunset always seemed like a dreamy date idea in high school, and it’s just as ideal for your class reunion. Dinner and cocktail cruises are easy for organizers to arrange, and often come with a helpful event staff included. Cruises provide nice structure to a reunion, allowing attendees all the time they need to break the ice and get down to having fun, perhaps even dancing to a little music out the boat deck!

The Old Hangout

From that hill overlooking the city to the diner down on Main Street, every high school had its main hangout. And, if it was popular then, it will definitely be popular now as your reunion venue. If the old hangout is no longer there, you can still get together at its replacement to reminisce, or book a room at a similar place in town. The goal with this venue is to go back to all those old high school memories by stepping right back into the place where it all happened, just better this time cause you’ll have a delicious cocktail in hand.

The Arcade/Casino

Guests will talk about the reunion for years to come if you head to the local arcade. Check out adult-friendly arcades like Dave & Busters or an MGM Grand style casino. Most big arcades and casinos have private rooms for hosting, so you can toggle between quiet discussion and the fun and games. You’ll stroll down memory lane while also having the ultimate game night.

A Winery/Brewery

Skip the line at the bar by heading directly to the source when you host your fabulous reunion at a winery. You’ll have picture perfect landscape to explore, with acres of grapevines and rolling hills. A good winery will also have excellent snacks on hand and a good event planner, which will help make organizing a breeze. Lawn games are perfect for a winery venue, and it’s easy to put a reunion spin, such as, “Pin the name tag on yearbook photo.” Okay, that last idea might be a bit much, but you get the idea!

Hosting your reunion in a unique venue will get the conversations going in no time and make new memories you’ll all be talking about for years to come.

What’s the most creative reunion venue you’ve ever heard of?