What We're Thankful For: Age 18 vs. Now

November 20, 2017 · CLASSMATES FUN

As we look forward to giving thanks and eating a big meal with loved ones, it seems like a good time to take a look back and remember what we were thankful for when we were in high school. Some things have sure changed since we were 18!

Age 18: Getting to use the car — Independence was everything, especially if you had access to wheels.

Now: Having someone else drive for once — Driving is overrated. It’s great to get to be a passenger!

Age 18: Not getting called on in class — A huge relief when you hadn’t finished your reading.

Now: Staying awake through that 3-hour meeting — It would be more interesting if someone would let you talk.

Age 18: An epic party to look forward to — Awesome!

Now: A weekend where you don’t have to do anything — Yesss.

Age 18: Getting your homework done — Getting it out of the way was one of the best feelings – especially when it was still early enough to enjoy the rest of your evening.

Now: Getting your laundry done — You finally have wardrobe options again!

Age 18: Staying out past midnight — Hanging out late at night with your friends was the best. You were up for anything!

Now: Those nights when you’re home in your PJs by 9 — There’s nothing like spending the evening binge-watching your favorite show in a robe and slippers.

Age 18: Getting into the college of your choice — You were incredibly proud and excited, as were your parents.

Now: Finally paying off student loans from the college of your choice — Twenty-four years later…

Age 18: Graduating from high school — Although you were leaving the familiar behind, you were excited about the future.

Now: Having time to take a night class — Learning is fun!

Age 18: Finally being considered an adult — People were finally starting to take you seriously. About time.

Now: Getting carded — Even if you know that they know you’re old enough, it still feels flattering to be asked.


What are you most thankful for?