What We Loved About School Picture Day

Before the days of Facebook profile photos, Twitpics, and Instagram selfies, your school picture day photo represented you to the world. One day every year you carefully selected the perfect outfit and practiced your coolest smile before posing for the camera. That one magical pop of the flash was your chance to create an image that would last for decades, or least for the year on your Grandma’s mantle. So, whether you loved picture day or not, you wanted to make sure your photo was a good one!


Putting on Your Best Digs

Whether you showed up with a new hair-do and sundress, or messy hair and a rock band T-shirt, what you looked like for picture day defined you for the whole school year and years to come in the yearbook. Perhaps you snuck out of the house with your big sister’s lipstick or your brother’s favorite t-shirt. Maybe you even added a tweed blazer and glasses for that smart look, or a Hawaiian shirt for that “hang loose” look. Everyone just wanted to look their very best.


Everybody Was a Star

Picture day put you in the spotlight for one moment in time. Whether you were the class clown, prom queen, or the shy introvert, everyone got a shot in front of the camera. Remember trying to make your best friend crack up laughing while his or her photo was being taken? Or, trying to put on a glamorous smile for the camera? You wanted to look your best! Who knows, maybe that cute boy or girl you sat next to in Biology wanted one of your wallet-sized copies. Those were fun to trade with friends.



Remember the hippie phase, girls didn’t leave the house without a tie dyed shirt and a flower in their hair? Or, the guys who went through a James Dean phase, complete with rolled-up sleeves, a T-shirt and slicked-back hair? Looking back through yearbook photos sure shows how far fashion has come, and what fun we had as kids, figuring out who we wanted to be. Sometimes it’s just nice to look back and remember.


The Infamous Class Photo

Remember the class photo? That poor photographer had to try for one perfect shot of the whole class. After all the single glamour shots were done we stood next to our friends for the group shot. Some kids crossed their eyes, put up bunny ears behind someone’s head, stuck out their tongue, or blew a kiss to the camera. Those funny group photos were when everyone’s inner-goofball came shining through, and we can’t help but smile just thinking about it.


Realizing it’s Okay Just to Be You

Over the years some people gained or lost weight, earned  a few crows’ feet and laugh lines, or even some grey hair, but inside, you might find looking at your school photos that you’re still a bit of your high school self.


Okay, so maybe you don’t try to dress the same or even talk the same, but, it’s still there. Yes, you’re looking more professional than hippie these days and someone now calls you mom or dad, but you’ll always be into peace, love, and soul.


What were some of your favorite things about picture day? Share your memories!