6 Reasons to Attend Your Next High School Reunion

Summer is about to start, which means that school reunion season is almost here!

Less than excited about the prospect? We can understand. Truly. Maybe you haven’t kept in touch with anyone, or you have less-than-fond memories of high school, or you’re worried that you won’t have anything interesting to talk about.

Well, perhaps one of these reasons will persuade you to attend:

  1. You need to feel young again. For some reason, a lot of people who attend reunions come away feeling like everyone else got old except for them. You, too, can be one of those people! But also…
  2. You won’t have to pretend that you’re younger than you are. Keeping up the façade of a younger you gets tiring sometimes (trying to figure out how old you were supposed to be in 1978 is making your brain hurt). At the reunion, nobody will care how old you are because you’re all the same age.
  3. Your social calendar could use some excitement. Don’t pass up the chance for a party, especially one that involves tons of reminiscing and embarrassing stories.
  4. You’ll have someone new to share cute photos with. Your friends are getting a little tired of all the adorable pet/baby/grandchild photos you keep posting on Facebook. Here’s a chance to expand your social circle!
  5. It’s a great excuse to show off your favorite retro dance moves. Whether it’s the Mashed Potato, the Hustle, or the Cabbage Patch, this is the one crowd that will appreciate how well you mastered those moves back in the day.
  6. Everyone else is going. Peer pressure. Just like in high school.

Have we convinced you? We hope so!


Photo credit: © 1997 Touchstone Pictures