Creative Ideas For Small Class Reunions

July 28, 2017 · CLASSMATES FUN

You knew everyone you graduated with – and, often, you knew a LOT about them. For you and your class, a reunion is a much tighter-knit affair than it is for most folks. And you like it that way.

You also have an advantage that many reunion attendees (and organizers) would envy: Lots of options when it comes to venues and activities. At 100 people or fewer, your class could easily fit inside a wide variety of spaces.

So when it’s time to plan your next reunion, we’ve got some creative suggestions for you:

For a summer event:

  • Rent a facility at a nature park (make sure it includes adequate restrooms, plenty of seating, plenty of shade, and a large kitchen). Have a barbecue or potluck. When the sun goes down, make s’mores around a bonfire. For a more urban park setting, skip the bonfire, and rent an ice cream truck.
  • If your location is near a large lake or river, charter a boat or private yacht, and have a cocktail or dinner cruise. Keep it to three hours or under, though, since nobody will be able to leave early (insert Gilligan’s Island joke here).
  • If there’s a special restaurant or school hangout in your home town, reserve the whole place so your class can enjoy a private party. This could range all the way from a high-end affair in a fancy bistro to burgers and hot dogs in a bowling alley or arcade.

For an autumn event:

  • Gather on the afternoon of one of your school’s football games (Homecoming is ideal if you can swing it). Have a “tailgate party” beforehand (maybe at a nice indoor location instead of a parking lot this time!), and reserve a block of seats so your class can watch the game and cheer on your old school together. Hand out special school t-shirts or knit scarves to everyone.
  • Have a retro game night, including board games and arcade games from when you all were teenagers. (Don’t make the mistake of including too many games, though. It’s nicer if large groups of people can play together.)

Some more ideas for activities and decorations:

  • Set up a memorabilia section with photos, yearbooks, etc. – whatever you have available that adds to the nostalgic mood. (Has anyone seen the mascot costume?)
  • Bring your yearbooks, and get NEW signatures.
  • Set up a karaoke machine, and sing popular tunes from your high school days. Hand out prizes for “best performance,” “most enthusiastic,” “most unique song choice,” etc.
  • Create a class time capsule together, to reopen at your next reunion.
  • Hand out special prizes for people who have traveled the farthest to be there.
  • Set up a photo booth, and include props from your graduation year (wardrobe accessories, trendy toys, lunchboxes, etc.).
  • Put together a slide show (gathering photos from as many class members as possible – lots of variety is important!), and share it at your event.
  • Make special nametags for everyone, including an old yearbook photo for each person.
  • Include a memorials area to honor and remember those class members who have passed away.
  • Gather photos, contact information, and written comments from everyone ahead of time, and make a memory book (either a digital version or an actual book to hand out).

We hope these suggestions spark your imagination. You can check out our other reunion-related articles here. Have a wonderful time at your reunion!