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"Where's my yearbook?" We've heard that a lot since launching the Classmates Yearbook Library. People are excited and want to see theirs on the site. That's where you can help.

We'd like to buy your yearbook! We won't be returning it to you, but will scan it as-is and post it to your School's Yearbook Library, where you and your entire class can enjoy it.

We'll give you a $25 Amazon.com Gift Card claim code* in exchange for each qualifying yearbook you sell us. In addition to the Gift Certificate, we'll pay for shipping, so there's absolutely no cost to you. Simple as that! Your yearbook can live forever online!

Please note, we can only use one copy of any yearbook. If someone already sent us a copy of the same yearbook, we'll return yours to you. This is an offer to purchase your book outright, it will not be returned to you after we scan it. We can only accept yearbooks dated 1988 or earlier. Once we receive your book, we'll send you your $25 Amazon.com Gift Card claim code.

Thank you for contributing to your school's ever-expanding library of high school memories!

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