Privacy Policy

Summary of Changes

Update Effective: February 14, 2017

Included below is a section-by-section summary of the revisions to the Privacy Policy (if a section is not listed, it means that no changes were made to it). We are providing this summary to you as a courtesy, and nothing that it contains shall be deemed to modify any provisions in the Privacy Policy.

  • The introduction has been updated to better represent the websites and services that are included within the PeopleConnect family of brands.
  • Only minor language changes were made in Section 1(a).
  • Section 1(b) has been updated to reflect that the acceptance of one of our applications, as well as what such acceptance may mean in regards to the posting of your information on Facebook or other third party websites, is not limited to just Classmates members, but may occur on any of our services.
  • Section 1(c) now includes additional details where we may use testimonials and what information may be included with them.
  • Section 1(d) has been revised to clarify that, when you use any of our services, cookies may be sent not just from one of our websites but also from our email to you and that cookies and web beacons may be used by us, our affiliates and brands, and third-party advertisers (per Section 2(d) discussed below).
  • Consistent with changes to Sections 2(b) and 2(h) (discussed below), Section 1(i) now notes that profile information publicly viewable on the Classmates service may be included on our affiliates’ and brands’ services.
  • Because there are now several different ways in which a Classmates member can view some or all of another member’s profile, we have clarified in Section 1(j) that your view of any portion of another member’s profile will result in your visit being left on that member’s profile.
  • Section 1(m) has been updated to clarify that we may supplement your information with information from our affiliates, brands and other internal resources, and not just third-party resources.
  • A new Section 2(b) has been added, which allows us to share your information between our commonly-owned affiliates and brands (which is a standard practice with other companies that offer multiple types of services) for the purposes specifically outlined in this section. If you want this shared information removed from these affiliates or brands, it also describes how you may do so.
  • Section 2(c) combines what had previously been Sections 2(b), 2(c) and 2(d) relating to third-party offers, advertising, and ad servers and networks. These sections have been combined to eliminate some repetitive language and provide better clarity regarding what information is shared with these third parties and how these third parties use this information. For example, it notes that these third parties may use cookies, pixels or web beacons delivered on our websites or through our email to collect certain information about your device and combine that information with information they have obtained from other sources to deliver targeted advertisement on or off our services.
  • Section 2(d) (previously Section 2(e)) has been updated to state that information we receive from contest or sweepstakes entries may also be used to supplement your profile.
  • Some language has been removed from Section 2(e) (previously Section 2(f)) to better reflect our current practices regarding the use of third-party service providers.
  • We have slightly revised the language in Section 2(f) (previously Section 2(g)) to make it clear that we may freely assign our rights and obligations under our Privacy Policy in connection with the sale of our business.
  • We have updated Section 2(g) (previously Section 2(h)) to make is clear that we may also disclose your information in circumstances necessary to protect our interests.
  • Section 2(h) (previously Section 2(i)) has been revised to better reflect our current practices regarding to how your information that is publicly displayed on our Services may potentially be shown on search engines and other third-party websites and devices and how you may opt out of having such information shown in this way.
  • Section 3(b) has been updated to more accurately describe where we obtain the public records that are included in the Intelius and US Search databases and how you can have your information removed from these databases.
  • Section 4 now notes that our communications to you may come in the form of not just emails, but also push notifications or other forms of communications and that all of our various Services provide you with the ability to update your email preferences by logging onto the applicable service.