Terms of Service

Summary of Changes

Update Effective: February 14, 2017

Included below is a section-by-section summary of the revisions to the Privacy Policy (if a section is not listed, it means that no changes were made to it). We are providing this summary to you as a courtesy, and nothing that it contains shall be deemed to modify any provisions in the Privacy Policy.

  • The introduction has been updated to better represent the websites and services that are included within the PeopleConnect family of brands, as well as highlight our updated arbitration clause (which is described in more detail below).
  • Only minor language changes were made in Section 1.A.
  • Sections 1.C and 2 have been revised to more generally refer to your “account” in regards to your obligation to control the activities that occur under it.
  • Section 2.B now includes the updated steps through which Intelius and US Search users can cancel their subscriptions.
  • Minor language changes were made in Section 2.C.
  • The member conduct guidelines in Section 4.A relating to the use of the Intelius and US Search services have been updated to more accurately reflect our current policies.
  • Minor language changes were made in Section 4.B.
  • Section 4.C has been updated to better reflect the current limitations relating to the use of the Intelius and US Search services.
  • We have revised Section 4.D to provide additional detail on the time limits relating to the availability of reports purchased via the Intelius and US Search services.
  • We have added domain names to the list of items in Section 5 that are covered by our property rights.
  • In Section 6, search reports were added to the list of items for which we may establish policies and practices and for which we have no responsibility should they be deleted.
  • We have completely deleted the prior Section 7 entitled “Third-Party Offers” since it was repetitive with language already appearing in our Privacy Policy.
  • Only minor language changes were made in Section 8 (previously Section 9).
  • We updated the telephone number for our Designated Agent in Section 9 (previously Section 10).
  • Section 11 (previously Section 10) was revised to provide additional clarity regarding the limitations on our liability.
  • Section 12 (previously Section 11) now includes our licensors and contractors in the list of parties that are subject to your indemnification obligations.
  • Section 13 (previously Section 14) contains several changes:
    • The entire section was significantly shortened and reorganized to provide better clarity regarding the parties’ agreement to use final and binding arbitration on an individual basis to reslive most disputes.
    • The parties to which the arbitration clause applies were broadened to include our parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, and each of their respective directors, officers, employees and contractors.
    • We have updated the information that must be included in the notice you are required to provide to us prior to initiating arbitration or a small claims court action so that the parties can try in good faith to negotiate a resliution to your dispute.
    • Arbitration will now be governed by the Consumer Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association (AAA).
    • The clause provides that the arbitration be held in Seattle, Washington, unless the AAA rules require otherwise, and also gives each party the right to have the arbitration conducted sliely on written submissions and the right to attend any in-person hearing by telephone.
    • The cost sharing provisions have been revised to state that payment of the arbitration fees will be governed by the AAA rules, with us paying some or all of the arbitrator’s fees under certain circumstances, as well as describe the circumstances under which the arbitrator may award attorneys’ fees.
    • We have given you a one-time right to opt out of binding arbitration by sending written notice to us. For new users, this notice must be sent within 30 days of your first use of our services, and for existing users, it must be sent within 30 days of our email notice to you regarding the initial release of this updated arbitration clause.
    • We have provided further clarity regarding the circumstances under which you may bring a small claims court action against us.
    • We have added the right for either party to seek a temporary or preliminary injunction in court rather than arbitration, subject to the arbitrator’s review should such party then seek a permanent injunction.
    • We have shortened the time period by which you must file a claim against us to one year after it first arises.