Eddie Vedder

Musician, Singer, Songwriter
Birthdate: Dec 23, 1964
Yearbooks: 1981
Yearbook photos of Eddie Vedder from San Dieguito High School

Eddie Vedder (born Edward Louis Severson III on December 23, 1964, and later raised as Edward Mueller) is a musician and singer-songwriter. He attended San Dieguito High School, in Encinitas, CA, where he was active in drama. Vedder (who took his mother’s maiden name after high school) got interested in music as a teenager. In 1990, after being affiliated with several local bands, he was recruited by some Seattle musicians who were searching for a lead singer and songwriter. The band that formed was initially called Mookie Blaylock but changed its name to Pearl Jam before the release of its first album in 1991 (Ten – named in honor of Blaylock’s NBA jersey number). As the lead singer of Pearl Jam, Vedder became a fixture of the early 1990s grunge scene (despite the band’s attempts to downplay its popularity). In addition to his work with Pearl Jam, Vedder has released solo albums and frequently collaborates on other musical projects. He was ranked at #7 in a 2011 Rolling Stone poll of the best lead singers of all time.


Source: Wikipedia