A Look Back on Sticker Books

March 10, 2021 · CLASSMATES FUN

Did you collect stickers as a kid and then trade them with your friends? It used to be a pretty popular activity.

When you look back on the history of collecting stickers and putting them in sticker books, you could argue that stamps were essentially the first stickers. However, the types of stickers we recognize today were common in the late 1970s and then became big business in the early 1980s.

In 1979, Graphic Designer Andrea Grossman founded Mrs. Grossman’s Paper Company and accidentally created the first commercial sticker – a big red heart. Her friend owned a popular gift shop and asked her for red hearts to stick on gift wrap, so Grossman cut out hearts from construction paper and sent them to the label printer. The hearts were mistakenly printed on rolls like ribbon, which ended up becoming a popular product. That lead her to start selling what she called Stickers By The Yard. They proved to be a massive hit at her store.


Another major figure in sticker production was Lisa Frank, who started Lisa Frank Inc. in 1979, specializing in colorful, psychedelic designs featured on school supplies and clothes. Years earlier, she had made a line of colorful jewelry called Sticky Fingers, which inspired her colorful stickers that launched her brand. Her production originally consisted of a hand-painted, air brushing technique, which became tedious. She switched to a computer software in 1989.

As sticker popularity grew, so did sticker books, which had glossy pages that allowed you to re-stick stickers so that you could easily trade them with your friends. And in 1983, Stickers Magazine hit shelves.

Although trading stickers is not as common today, they’re still used for scrapbooking, decorating, and advertising.

Check out some popular sticker and sticker book themes below!


Scratch n’ Sniff

Stickers for a Halloween party. istock.





Stickers/Coloring Activity Books


Logo Stickers

Sticker for a car bumper. istock.

Bumper Stickers

Stickers used for a website. istock.

Digital Stickers



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