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Clifton, NJ
De Paul High SchoolClass of 1981
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Life Let's see. After HS, I went to a school in NYC (right on 42nd St) to learn the technical/electronical side of the radio broadcast industry and studied to obtain my 1st Class FCC license (now called the General Radiotelephone Operator's License) so I could work behind the scenes at a radio/TV station dealing with the workings/running/upkeep of the equipment (dealing with transmitting/modulating/frequency emmission..etc. Turned out to be a total waste of my time... After applying to literally hundreds of radio and TV stations after I rec'd my license, I rec'd only 1 employement offer that was basically a 4 hour gig, 2 nights a week (from midnight to 4 am) with a salary of something like $9/hr. WOW...I hit the big time!! LOL So....after being completely let down, I took a year off from doing anything and just enjoyed myself while living at home. Going out practically every night of the year and partying at clubs (mostly in NYC, but sometimes in Jersey as well). Because I was heavily into the Punk/Alternative music scene (and some New Wave), I was fortunate enough to see just about every major Punk and Alternative (and New Wave) band that was around in the early 80's. Hundreds of shows at places like The Ritz, CBGB's, Irving Plaza, Pep Lounge, Max's Kansas City..etc. Had the time of my life and wouldn't change it for anything in the world. Got to see (and hang out with many of the members of) bands like the Ramones, Talking Heads, Clash, Dead Boys, Oingo Boingo, Billy Idol...hardcore punk bands like Minor Threat, Kraut, Misfits, Dead Kennedy's, Black Flag, Bad Brains....etc. Being a fan...I couldn't ask for anything more! Met my future wife, Lori, back in the summer of '84. Got engaged in Spring of '85 and got married in Nov (1st) of '86. It'll be 20 years married on 11-1-06. We had our only child, a beautiful girl named Danielle, born in June 1990. As of this writing, she recently turned 16. She's the greatest accomplishement of my life. In Sept of '83, needing income, I decided to work for my father's Drywall business and started doing spackling back then. I've been doing that ever since. There were a few years were I was doing the spackling and also working the midnight shift at UPS (as a part time supervisor) during the years 1995-1998. I had a bad elbow and was considering changing professions. From 1998 on, I went back to just spackling. In early 2004, my father retired and my parents moved down to Fl. Since then, I have been on my own with my own small drywall business..just trying to make ends meet. We've lived in Lake Hiawatha (next to Parsippany) since 1994. UPDATE 8-01-06: I find myself with a new career and new state to call my home. I've just been signed on as the new General Manager Of US Operations for U Roll, LLC located in Fort Myers, Fl - a company that manufactures/wholesales rolling aluminum hurricane / storm shutters (manual and motorized). The company was based in NJ, but has just reorganized and relocated. I just moved down to Fl, and live in Sarasota. By mid Aug '06, the new company will begin its operations here in Ft Myers. Apart from work, I love to travel to tropical locations. I've been to Jamaica (1st trip I ever made on my own <with a friend of mine> in '82, then Hawaii in '83 with another friend, then Aruba in '86 on my honeymoon, then Antigua in '87 with a couple from NY who we met on our honeymoon, then another 7-8 trips back to Aruba. UPDATE 5-07-08: Well, so much for living in FL and running that Hurricane Shutter company. After having back to back seasons, in 2006 and 2007, with no hurricanes hitting anywhere in the US (let alone FL), the company went out of business. I'm now back in NJ and back in the Drywall business. I'm no longer self employed and in the private sector. I'm now in the union and part of IUPAT - DC 711 - Local 1976 (Drywall Finishers). Started my new union career a day after I joined, and was put to work the next day. My first union job is pretty cool. I started off in mid April (and still there, ...Expand for more
and should be there for months), doing the NY Jets new Training Facilities in Florham Park. Now all I need is to put in ANOTHER 25-30 years doing the same old thing, but at least I'll have a pension when I retire now. Should've done this when I was 18 instead of almost 45 years old. Thankfully, because of my experience, I was able to start of as a journeyman earning the top wage. UPDATE: May 2009 Well, 'cause the economy blows, I've been unemployed from my union job for about 9 months. Took a job with the US Census Bureau, as an *enumerator*. Job deals with canvassing different assignment areas, and, with a handheld compter, updating address data base for each street in that area. Adding, aditing, or deleting addresses where needed. Every household in the US now has a GPS map spot for it on file with Uncle Sam. Good job, but only lasted 6 weeks. A month later, Bureau rehired me as a Partnership Assistant. Job is basically a public relations thing, and we work with business, community and religious organizations, forming partnerships with them. Partners donate space so the Bureau can use it for administering tests to new job applicants, as well as possibly using these spaces around the time the census gets mailed out, to every household in March 2010, so we can set up assistance centers (manned locations where people can go to get assistance if they need it), or Be Counted centers (where extra forms can be picked up if people didn't receive one). We also set up tables and exhibits are events like fairs (e.g, both NJ State Fairs that were held at the Meadowlands, as well as the one that just passed at the Sussex County Fairgrounds), carnivals, parades, flea markets, farmer's markets, food pantries, etc... This is so we can inform the public of the upcoming census and the importance of filling it out and returning well as answering any questions people may have, and reassuring them of its confidentiality, ease and simplicity. All forms this time will be short forms, with only 10 questions that should take 5 mins to complete. Job is supposed to last until May 2010. But who's the federal govt. after all. ;-) UPDATE: Sept 2009 Well, after a bit more than a year being unemployed from my union job, I got called for a job over at Hoffman-LaRoche in Clifton in Mid Sept. The job was a godsend, as I only had 1.5 weeks left in my unemployment funds. The job was one of the best I've been on, and kept my gainfully employed right up until the final cuts were made on Dec 22 when the job was nearly complete. Had 4-5 oppertunities during that time to work some OT on Saturdays, and took full advantage of it. Best oppertunity for OT came on the Sat (Dec 19) before I got laid off. It was for working at another job site the company had, and it was a 13.5 hour day (at time and a half). That was the single best pay day I've had with the union and clearing over $550 for that single day certainly helped when getting laid off right before X-Mas. UPDATE: Feb 2010 So, I went back into the ranks of the unemployed and used up the remaining week and a half of unemployment money I still had. Because of the fact that I didn't work at least 20 weeks or make over 40X my unemployment base pay (top base pay was $584 in 2009, so 40X that would be $23,300+) I'm not eligible for any of the numerous extensions the govt made available for people to tap into. Only worked 15 weeks and made about $21,000 in 2008 when I filed for unemployment in late May 2009. So, I got screwed. And now, I can't re-apply for unemployment until 1 year after my original filing date. So, I hafta wait until May 22, 2010 to file. The only good news is that if(when) I file), I'll have qualified on both the 20+ weeks AND 40X more than my base pay which would be the top pay available (for unemployment, and rises to $600/wk in 2010). Here's hoping that I get some work soon and 2010 and on won't be as horrendous as the past 2 years. That's about it until anything newsworthy causes me to update this again. Cheers, Alex
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