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Lakewood High School Class of 1983 Reunion


August 10, 2013 at 6:00pm to 11:30pm  
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Reunion details

Due to the fabulous response to our initial invitations we are sorry to inform all alumni who has not already RSVP'd that they will not be able to be seated in the banquet area. You may however come to Wrigleys and sit in the dining or patio area which holds many. Sorry for any inconvenience but we have to follow the fire codes established at the facility for the banquet room only. LHS ALUMNI GET TOGETHER HOSTS

See who's going

Yes 41
No 34
Maybe 22
No response 8617
Abel Barnes, Sindi
Achtermann, Scott
Adams, Dawn
Aguilera, Dave
Aguiniga, Ray
Alberts, Scott
Albertsen, Diana
Alderfer, Crystal
Alexander, Matt
Allen, Bonnie
Altman, Chip
Ames, Laurie
Andersen, Paul
Anderson, Chris
Anderson, Randy
Anderson, Robin
AndRestoration, AmericanRoofing
Arnold, Richard
Asimos, Nick
Asimos, Darci
Augustin, Bambi
Augustin, Craig
Auker, Pat Kelly
Auran, Mitch
Bacon Rodriquez, Lonna
Baker, Nick
Baker-Young, Debbie
Baldini, David
Barefoot, Marie
Barnes, Polly
Barney, Darin
Barta, Natalie
Barth, Debbie
Bastine, Sally
Bates Schultz, Shannon
Bazyluk, Carrie
Becker, Dan
Beech, Dave
Behnke, Beth
Berce Ageno, Michelle
Berger Caldwell, Beth
Betts, Amon
Bigsby, Rick
Birnie, Mary
Bixler, Brad
Bjorndal, Rory
Black, Linda
Blair- Hoover, Cynthia A
Blanckaert, Larry
Blevins, Debbie
Boggs, Michael
Bomberger, Anshel
Bonacci, M.B.
Bonacci, David
Bonacci, Paul
Bonie, Lois
Boniface, Shelly
Bower Culver, Laurie
Brackeen, Rosalee
Bradley, Becky Jamison
Bradley, Steve
Brady, Sean
Brittain Hardcastle, Barbara
Brock, Anita
Brockman, Sue
Brown, Terry
Brown Vera, Lois
Bruce, Sweetie
Bruce, Mary
Buckner, Russ
Buot, Mary Ann
Burfield, Tim
Burnett, Todd
Burns, Terri
Burns, Renee'
Burns, Scotte
Burns, Anastasia
Burns, Sherlyn
Butts, Rod
Byrnes, Daniel
Campbell, Maura
Canada, Sara
Card, Brett
Carlsen, Curtis
Carlson, Susan
Carr, Rob
Cary, Barbara
Cator, Rose
Cavalli, Bob
Cheney, Steve
Chernushin, Alex
Christianson, Christine
Clair, Dana
Coakley, Laurel
Cohenour, Dana
Cole Haggett, Michelle
Conkling, Lynne
Conway, Nancy
Cook, Victoria
Corbett Lawrence, Arlene
Cornelius, Cindy
Counce, Chuck
Cow, Sea
Coy Neve, Angie
Cram, Mark
Cram, Daniel
Crowder, Carol
Crowder, De Wayne
Cunningham, Cathy
Cunningham, Debbie
Daniels, Teresa
Darr-Fortier, Maley
David Gallegos, Best Painting
Davis, Clay
Davis-Steckman, Brenda
Decker, Lisa
DeLaney, Cyndi
De Leo, Bob
Dennington, LeeAnn
De Novellis, Phyllis
de Vries, Lisa
Diamond, Paige
Dickason, Shannon
Dickman, Patrick
Dinsmoor, Debbie
Dirks, Allie
Dolan, Betsy
Donahue, Shelley
Donaldson, Mindy
Donaldson, Cheryl
Douglas, Debbie
Drelicharz, David
Driskill Sherman, Paula
Dufficy, Steve
Duffy, Mike
Dunn, Diane
Duran, Cindy
DuVal, Bonnie
Eckles, Deedee
Einspahr, Vickie
Eldrige, Terry
Elliott, Peggy
Elliott, Tammie
Enos, Amy
Erickson, Cris
Erlewine, Craig
Eskue, Daniel
Espinoza, Barry
Evans, Rick
Evans, Beth
Fabrizio, Andy
Farley, Craig
Felker, Mitch
Fieselman, Bill
Fisher, Art
Fisher, Marcus
Fisher, Robin
Fitzgerald, Susie
Fleming, Carrol
Florman, Nancy
Fly, Chris
Foster, Scott
Foster, Vallette
Foster, Anthony
France, Marcus
Frank, Diane
Franz, Scott
Frederick, Sue
Fresquez, Dianne
Friedland, Paula
Gallegos, Steve
Gallo, Ron
Gallo, Cari
Gann, Mark
Gansert, Cindy
Garcia, Cheryl
Garrett, Mike
Garrett, Lisa
Giarratano, Pam
Gibson, Bruce
Giroir, Paul
Giroir, Mike
Golightly, Mike
Gomer, Bryan
Gonzales-Smith, Angie
Gooldy, Tom
Gorman Nelson, Dayna
Graham, Ronna
Grant, Darrell
Graves, Shawn
Green, Vicki
Greene Tibbets, Lisa
Green-George, Michelle
Greer, Troy
Grooms Henderson, Carmella
Gugliuzza, Patti
Gully, Chris
Haberman, Cindy
Hafez, Angie
Hains, Stacy
Hammer, Megan
Hanes, Carolyn
Hannum, Mark
Harris, Curt
Harris, Tobi
Hart, Robert
Hart, Nils
Hartvigson, Louise