A Look Back at Summer Jobs As Seen In the Movies

July 6, 2017 · CLASSMATES FUN

We read recently that fewer teens these days get summer jobs (as summer school and internships have pushed their way to the forefront). It got us to reminiscing about decades past, when high school students made their way to the mall (or the local drive-through or golf course) to earn money while school was out. Here’s a look back at some classic summer jobs, showcased in some of our favorite teen movies.

© 1997 Paramount Pictures

Fast food worker

As seen in Good Burger

Best thing: Giving free food to your buddies!

Worst thing: All that grease.

© 1982 Universal Pictures

Movie theater employee

As seen in Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Best thing: You’re working in the movie business!

Worst thing: You’re not really working in the movie business.

© 1987 Buena Vista Pictures

Mowing lawns

As seen in Can’t Buy Me Love

Best thing: Clients with riding mowers (so you can show off your driving skills).

Worst thing: Sunburns. And push mowers.

© 1980 Warner Bros.

Golf caddy

As seen in Caddyshack

Best thing: Golfers who tip well.

Worst thing: From sweating through 100-degree days to raking sand traps after a rainstorm, you’re always working at the whim of the weather.

© 2001 USA Films

Camp counselor

As seen in Wet Hot American Summer

Best thing: Down time with all the other counselors!

Worst thing: Camp bathrooms.

© 1982 Universal Pictures

Convenience store clerk

As seen in Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Best thing: You don’t have to dress up.

Worst thing: Constantly on guard against holdups.

© 2013 Fox Searchlight Pictures

Water park employee

As seen in The Way Way Back

Best thing: Laid-back work environment.

Worst thing: Having to deal with “accidents” in the water.

© 1991 Warner Bros.

Office job

As seen in Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead

Best thing: Learning skills that may come in handy later. And air conditioning.

Worst thing: Overbearing managers.


Did you ever have a summer job when you were a teenager? What were the best and worst things about it?


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