Here are Some of the Most Memorable TV Dads!

June 19, 2020 · CLASSMATES FUN

June 21st is Father’s Day, so we hope all you dads, grandads, and other family members get to celebrate this Sunday. In honor of all the fathers out there – biological or not – here are some of the most memorable dads on television.

Homer Simpson – The Simpsons

Homer might not always be the best dad, but he’s worked his way into our hearts nonetheless. He’s still been able to support his family for the past thirty or so years, even when his children haven’t aged. He also loves his wife Marge unconditionally.

Andy Taylor – The Andy Griffith Show

Name a dad with more morals than Andy Taylor (played by Andy Griffith). Not only did he care for his son Opie, but as sheriff of Mayberry, North Carolina, he also kept track of the whole town to ensure the citizens were happy and safe.

Mike Brady – The Brady Bunch

Mike loved his three adopted stepdaughters (all of them with hair of gold, like their mother, the youngest one in curls) just as much as his own three sons. And amazingly, he always remained upbeat, even with six kids who bickered about sharing one bathroom.

Cam Tucker and Mitchell Pritchett – Modern Family

Cam and Mitchell had very different personalities – Mitchell more serious and high-strung, Cam more goofy and over-the-top – but they perfectly complemented each other and were great dads to daughter Lily (and eventually their second adopted child, son Rexford). Their nieces and nephews also came to them for advice, which they were more than happy to dispense.

Ward Cleaver – Leave it to Beaver

Ward worked to provide for his family and served as a good role model. Even when his sons Wally and Beaver were getting into mischief, he kept a level head and dispensed advice when necessary (which was pretty much all the time).

Richard Gilmore – Gilmore Girls

Richard wasn’t an involved father with daughter Lorelai. In fact, their relationship was strained when she left home at sixteen as a teenager with a baby. But he got a second shot with Lorelai’s daughter Rory, and devoted himself to his granddaughter, slowly rebuilding his relationship with his own daughter in the process.

George Jefferson – The Jeffersons

George’s dad passed away when he was only 10, leaving him the man of the house at a young age. This experience gave him the drive to eventually make a better life for himself and his wife and son. Like any father, he had his flaws, but it was evident he would do anything for his family.

Danny Tanner – Full House

Danny was a wholesome widowed father with three young girls, and still worked full-time, kept the house clean, and was always available to his daughters. He had help from his best friend Joey and brother-in-law Jesse, although they ended up needing his help just as much as he needed theirs.

Eric Taylor – Friday Night Lights

Eric wasn’t just a dad to his daughter Julie. As Football coach of Dillon High School, he provided love and mentorship to his players, many of whom didn’t have a father figure of their own. Even though he was direct and tough, it was always obvious how much he cared for his family and team.

Philip Banks – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Phil, aka “Uncle Phil,” was busy raising three kids but still took in his street-smart nephew Will. Will’s working-class background often clashed with the lifestyle of his upper-class relatives, but Phil still had a soft spot for him and was always there to protect Will when needed.

Adam Braverman – Parenthood

Adam sometimes struggled with his relationship with son Max, who had Asperger Syndrome, and butted heads with teenage daughter Haddie, but it was always obvious how much he adored them. And as the oldest child of four, he was often sought after for advice from his younger brother and sisters. He was also a doting husband to wife Kristina and helped maintain the house while she was undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

Bernie McCullough – The Bernie Mac Show

Bernie raised his sister’s kids as his own when she entered rehab. It definitely took some adjustment, but his tough love parenting style worked out in the end, as he always showed them kindness when it mattered.

Sandy Cohen – The O.C.

Sandy took in, and eventually adopted, teenage Ryan, who came from an inner-city neighborhood and had been abandoned by his parents. He also had his biological son Seth, and constantly donned advice, whether wanted or not. Even though he lived in an affluent town and had the means to fit into that lifestyle, he always stayed grounded, and made sure his family did too.

George Lopez – The George Lopez Show

George was determined to be the father he didn’t have growing up, even if he was a bit old-fashioned and didn’t know what he was doing half the time. His trial-and-error parenting style provided many laughs, but his relationship with his family was always heartfelt in the end.

Dan Conner – Roseanne

Dan was far from perfect, but he was the epitome of a working-class dad, and was also easy-going and relatable. Even though he was sometimes hands-off, he was still goodhearted and showed affection in other ways. He also kept wife Roseanne at bay when she was about to have an outburst at one of their misbehaving kids.


Who are some of your favorite tv dads?